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The drive to survive is a community of really, positive people going through a difficult time physically or emotionally and helping themselves and others by sharing how their positive mindset helped them heal.

The mission of The Drive to Survive is to bring together A community of like minded individuals, walking a similar path and who share a passion to learn and teach how to face any situation with the positive mindset they need to support themselves and others through any difficult situation.

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People going through hard times, no matter the issue or level of severity, will find strength in numbers by joining a positive mindset community like The Drive to Survive. We will be joined by others in the community both personal and professional that want to share their experiences, ideas and educational backgrounds to encourage and support each other in the most positive way to not only survive but thrive by being part of this fun, healthy and healing community.


Energy flows where your attention goes. Let’s help focus ourselves and our community be the most healthy, positive people we can be together and spread the message as far and wide as possible.......The more the merrier.


Be happy, be healthy, be kind to yourself and others 💚 Or

Stay healthy, stay strong but most of all stay positive 💚


Carol Lewis

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